I want to share with you the experience I have been living with Patrizia Polito in her classes. She applies METANOIA and this is what leads us to do a METATRAINING where we are doing exercises (muscular movements of the whole body) with Consciousness and with Purpose ...!!! it is a great experience, because doing each movement in that way is a projection of what you want in your life, to Receive Blessings (as she says for an abdominal) to have your best energy, your conscious thought and the will to have a Life according to bring Consciousness to this world. It is an immense pleasure, not only to enjoy the time together but you don't want the time to end... the training is a lot of fun and very warm, believe me! That thanks to technology we can come together as a group through the screen, that also adds up and we miss each other when someone is missing. Paty also has a tremendous ability to correct, to feel if we are doing well or not! I fully trust her professionalism, she is a person I can highly recommend because she is a person with ethics, with sensitivity and this METANOIA that she is applying has been a wonderful experience! I am grateful in this time of quarantine to have been able to reach her and I invite you to join us, welcome to another level of training with Paty Polito. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)