The truth is that I, since I was 12 years old, have been doing sports in different modalities (gym, aerobics, weights, cycling, spinning, pilates, basketball) because I have always liked that dynamic in my life and I must admit that now, this past summer, when I joined Your Group online, thanks to my friend Lynne, who has known you personally for a long time and knows what a good teacher you are, I must recognize that I have had changes in my life, both from the emotional level, because I have learned to relate and identify in each part of my body both the emotional wound or family history in the physical ailments of my body and / or in the limitation to move it and be able to do the movement that you show us in each class. Your guidance, your explanations of how and why and my desire to move forward, to find myself, have led me to heal physical pain through movement. My elongation has improved a lot, my figure also because it has been molded and in my 58 years, I feel that I do not drag my body, but I move it in the awareness and recognition of my emotional history and I locate and manage it in another way. Thank you Patrizia, for being such a generous person with knowledge, for filling us with enthusiasm every day, when we meet for our online class. I enjoy and understand your work and I am sure that when I have the opportunity to travel to my country again, I will see you.