About me

I am a sensitive, passionate and consistent woman, dedicated and unconditional with what I love. I act after having questioned many of my beliefs, with the intention of updating the most suitable versions, to manage a full life experience. I check and support my knowledge with wonderful testimonials from hundreds of transformed lives, from the guide of conscious self-knowledge.

I feel the responsibility and the genuine desire from my heart to share the Truths that have been revealed through me, in order to inspiring Humanity towards the integration of the natural roles that it has to Evolve.

I am a woman who expresses herself with generosity about the extensive wisdom that the Universe channels through me, I give my gift to the service of this expansion that lovingly ennobles my life and exponentially.

I am an architect by profession, with a creative mind for managing spaces and the Harmony of both structures and the Being in its Integral composition.

More about me

I am a professional fitness trainer, certified internationally for more than 35 years, in the physical areas as:

Spinning, Pilates, Functional, Step, Combat Fit, Aqua aerobics, Ashtanga Yoga, Pole Dance sports.

I am a Conscious and Energetic Diet Counselor, in the mental-Spiritual area.

I am a Primordial Sound Meditator (Chopra Institute), Transcendental Meditator (Maharishi School).

I am a JIN SHIN JYUTSU (Japanese Art) Energy Harmonization Therapist, Akashic Records Reader, Biodecoder, Pinealist.

I am an Energy Restorative, Spiritual Assistant and Counselor.

I have integrated the emotional, mental and spiritual areas in the construction and instruction of the physical disciplines that I teach.

I have been a channel for more than 20 years, which gives me the blessing of transmitting the wisdom that descends through me to be a light and guide for humanity.

I am the creator of the integrative philosophy of the being in evolution CONSCIOUSNESS IN MOVEMENT.

I am willing to help you achieve your full and permanent healing and live your life in joy and freedom.

I offer you the vocation and testimony of thousands of people who have found their healing through conscious self-knowledge guided by my 4 pillar philosophy:



*Fundamentals of Conscious Self-Healing* is the necessary knowledge to interpret the language used by the body when it expresses emotions, perceptions and feelings in order to be evident to be healed.



*Classification and energy assessment of flavors and foods according to their qualities* in order to be recognized at the time of making the appropriate nutritional choice according to personal Biotype.



*Set of directed systematic movements* that involve the emotions to be enhanced through inhalation and exhalation in order to dissolve them during the execution of the movement.



*Channels of the Voice of God* an experience that will change your Spiritual relationship Levels. (text transcription of automatic writing, audio reading, explanatory video and workbook interaction)

Always in movement

My mision

Teach people in the use of special tools such as subtle discernment, conceptualization and assessment, so, through them, they can recognize the potential of each life experience and self-healing.

Generate genuine learning through disciplined and comprehensive training of the physical, mental and spiritual body and thus, assist the Being that wishes to Heal.

Teach to do a simple body reading through careful observation, so they can obtain the necessary information and find the origin of emotional, behavioral and verbal manifestations, and then, release them to regain health.

Even more about me

Academic and professional formation

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL: María Montessori 1982

COLLEGE: T.S.U. Diseño de Obras civiles (Arquitectura) I.T. Antonio José de Sucre 1985

OTHERS: Penssionat Surval Montreux (Suiza)1983

Other studies
  • Nina Nikanorova Professional Ballet School (Russia) 71-73
  • Lili García Professional Ballet School (Cuban)  74-77
  • Alternative Jazz School Fran Jazz (Cuban) Student 78-80
  • Maria Luisa Bigott School of Jazz with Juan Monzón Student. 80 -81
  • Aerobics and Workout Prof. Anala Arcay and Ramón Volcán Student 84
Congresses and events
  • I Conference on Sports Sciences, Gatorade – 1983
  • II International Course on Sports Science Scientific Aspects of Endurance Sports, Gatorade Sport Science Institute. 1995
  • Excellence in Action “Everything an Aerobics Instructor should know according to the ACE parameter (American Council on Exercise), by Mónica Sancio. 1995
  • Basic Training Certificate, Struktura. 1996
  • Certifications in courses on “Responses to emergencies and disasters, by the Immediate Attention Foundation. 1999
  • Certificate in I Theoretical – Practical Workshop, Techno Aerobics, by Klaus Serny. 1999
  • Conference “Interpersonal and Intra personal Relations by Father Ricardo Bulmes.
  • Meditations directed at UPSI as a special guest.
  • Guide in meditation and deep relaxation classes with Self Hypnosis and guided regression methods.
  • Personal Excellence International Conference, “Secret of Success” by Lic. Miguel Angel Cornejo. 2000
  • Spinning Certification, with All Amado. 2000 (Los Angeles – California certifier)
  • Workshop – Super Spinning Class with Instructor Jonny G. (Creator of the Discipline)
  • Certification of the II Seminar on Emotional Intelligence and Self-esteem of Women by Dr. Manuel Barroso and Lic. Renny Yagosesky 2001
  • Primordial Sound Meditation Course, facilitator Eduardo González. 2002. (Deepak Chopra disciple)
  • Participation in aerobic reunion of instructors Master in Struktura of 2002.
  • Participation in the 2nd. Executive Emotional Intelligence Congress at the Edo Executive Association. Carabobo. 2002
  • ecution of the Physical Activity plan and directed training of Healthy Nutrition in General Motors of Venezuela 2002 – 2003. (Body-mind and soul program)
  • Nutrition Workshop (Proteins and Fats) by Dra. Celli in 2003.
  • Certification in the 1st. “Fit Combat” techniques workshop in March 2003
  • Participation in the 2nd National Convention All for the fitness of the VIS school (training certificate for pregnant women and Spinning master class) 2003
  • Participation in the 3rd. International Congress on Emotional Intelligence at the Edo Executive Association. Carabobo. 2004
  • Participation in International Convention CITAS 5th. 2004 anniversary.
  • Xtrem Bike Style participation with its creator in 2004.
  • ertificate of Body-Mind and Balance inc of ^PILATES PISO Y PILATES EN LA BOLA^ by Miguel Casas N.Y.2004
  • Participation in the Injury Prevention workshop by Dr. Lester Story 2004
  • Participation in a workshop on Steroids and pharmacological treatments in the Sports area by Dr. Carlos Benejam 2005
  • First Aid Certificate Venezuelan Red Cross 2006
  • Certification of Advanced Choreographic Construction in Aerobics and Step by Vibefit and Sectorfitness (D. José Vidal) 2006
  • Certificate of attendance of the International Convention Appointments 7, 2006
  • Certificate of satisfactory completion of the 1st SPINNING 6hrs Marathon in Venezuela, Planet Fit, with Master inst. Pedro Plaza, representative of Mad Dogg Athletics in Venezuela, 2006
  • International Training Certification useful in fitness rooms. Vibefit and Fitness Sector José Vidal Spain 2007
  • Certification of attendance at the F.T.S. (Functional Training System) with Yordy Arteaga, Vibefit 2007
  • Seminar on Adaptation of Nutrition to your Training by Myli Peña IFBB Vibefit 2007
  • Certificate of participation International Convention Appointments 8 in 2007
  • International Certification of COMMON BLOCK – FEDA 45HRS 2007
  • Certificate of participation International Convention Appointments 9 in 2008
  • FITNESS IN WATER seminar certificate. Assessments and tools in Fitness, José Vidal, Fitness Sector 2008
  • Certificate of attendance at the Hydration Sciences seminar by Dr. Ricardo Javornik and M. Sc. Pedro Reinaldo García Gatorade 2009
  • International Certification for Personal Trainers Level II 16hrs by José Vidal Dir. Fitness Sector Spain and IDCA Europe, 2010-07-10
  • CertificadoTRX Suspension Trainig .Group Course 26-10 2010
  • Foundations for the Practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the tradition of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois 2013
  • Certification in Transcendental Meditation Maharishi School 2014
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Art Practice Certificate (Body/Spirit Harmonization)
  • Certification Level 1 and 2 Pole Dance Sport Aruba 2015
  • International Yoga Convention Medellin 2018
  • International Yoga Convention Medellin 2019
  • Workshop, round table, Ayurveda Retreat, Arturo Castillo (Arturveda)
    International sports certifications
    • Spinning (Mad Dogs Athletics L.A. USA)
    • Pilates piso y en la Bola (Miguel Casas N.Y. USA)
    • Advanced Step Choreographic Construction (J.Vidal Spain)
    • Useful Training in Bodybuilding Rooms (J.Vidal Spain)
    • Common block FEDA Instructor (Spain)
    • Personal Trainer level III (J.Vidal Spain)
    • Suspension Training TRX (Fitness Anywhere USA)
    • Pole Dance Sport Levels I & II
    Certifications and additional studies
    • First Aid, (Red Cross Venezuela)
    • Primordial Sound Meditation (E. Gonzalez, Deepak Chopra Institute)
    • Trascendental Meditation , Maharishi (Vzla)
    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Pattabhi Jois Vzla)
    • Jin Shin Jyutsu (hamonizing complete man-mind, body and spirit)
    • Akahisc Records Therapist
    • Dance and Classical Ballet Perfection School – Aerobics and Workout Instructor (84 -87)
    • Nautilus Valencia Gym – Aerobics and Workout Instructor (84 -87)
    • Shape Gym – Aerobics and Workout Instructor (88 -93)
    • Valencia Forum Gymnasium – Aerobics Instructor (88 -93)
    • Signal Gym – Aerobics Instructor (94-95)
    • Strucktura Gym – Aerobics and Steps Instructor (Bench) (96 – 97)
    • Nautilus Gym – Aerobics, Steps, Tae-Bo, spinning and meditation instructor (88 -03)
    • Caribbean Spa Gym – General Coordinator and instructor of Aerobics, Step, Spinning, Tae-bo, Pilates, balls and elastic bands (02 -06)
    • Itinerant custom classes –
      Aerobics, Steps, Tae-bo and meditation instructor (03 -04)
    • Lady Fitness Center – General Coordinator, Professional Fitness (06 -08)
    • 4 Ave. Athletic Center Valencia – Fitness Professional and room instructor (08-09)
    • Struktura Fitness Center Valencia – Fitness Professional and room instructor (10-11)
    • Independent Swimming School Ignacio Leon – Swimming pool, open water and TRX (10-12)
    • Independent Negra Hipolita National Park – Outdoor Disciplines TRX, Trot pro. (12-14)
    • Kitty Kitty Pole Dance – Academy,Aruba Master Instructor (14-15)
    • Aquapolis Center, Pilates, Yoga, rehab Parkingsons, Italy (15-16)
    • Rehabilitation Parkingsons Desire, Denver USA, (16-17)
    • Independent Professional, TRX, Swiss Ball, Yoga, Colombia (18-19)
    • Akashic Records Therapist 2019


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    the movement