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Light plan

Now I see you…

– Symptom Biodecoding Session 1:30 hr

Note: The number of sessions is determined according to the number of symptoms or the depth at which you want to work

Peace plan

Now I understand you…

– Symptom Biodecoding Session 1:30 hr

– Akashic Records Opening Session 1:30 hr

Consciousness plan

Now I recognize you…

-Symptom Biodecoding Session 1:30 hr

– Akashic Records Opening Session 1:30 hr

– Holistic Massage Session with Life Message 2:30 hr

All my services varied according to the areas you want to work on:


It is a conscious training system that activates emotions during movements.

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It is a conscious training system that activates the emotions during the movements, with the intention of empowering them through breathing and solving them, downloading them, cleaning them. the goal is to heal them.

Price is for virtual training packages: (custom price) with some face-to-face sessions if necessary and possible, but can be handled perfectly online.


This is a massage with a message where we get the universe to conspire in your favor to bless this purpose of consciousness and evolution.

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This session begins with an induction to conscious breathing, The person previously chooses an essence of their choice, that will perfume the facial towel and the rest of the lingerie on the stretcher, they also choose the fragrance of the body oil, they are placed face down and It begins with 3 guided conscious breaths, accompanied by music with a special frequency for the intention of the session, a deep decontracting massage begins and as each area is perceived, it harmonizes with JIN SHIN JUYTSU, the art of harmonizing through the loving hand of the creator, it is precisely that a Japanese art in which I am certified Internationally, this is done simultaneously as I advance throughout the body (back, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, elbows, hips, complete legs, knees, ankles, feet and fingers, on both sides, neck, head, face and scalp, the energy discharge is completed with a special session of head, hundred, nape and front and align the Chakras completely until activating the 3rd eye subtly to conclude.

This takes 2 hours and in the next 30 minutes the patient’s experience is shared, with absolute privacy agreement, since there is information that I channel especially for each patient and their information is completely confidential, we end with a hug of gratitude for having allowed me to assist you in your personal purpose for deep healing in all areas of your life, having a blank page to design your new life experience in freedom

May the universe conspire in your favor to bless this purpose of consciousness and evolution.

Price: $350 USD

Time: from 2:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. – Face-to-face service

Akashic Records

By accessing your Akashic Records, you can get information, guidance and support on a problem that is “stuck” in this life.

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What is the Akashic Record?

It is a dimension of energetic reality in which experiences are stored or kept from our first origin to today’s time. They are energy files where all the information of the different lives associated with our soul is stored or recorded.

Each of our deeds, words, thoughts, feelings and intentions that occurred at any time are deposited in these records.
Akasha is the Sanskrit name for the soul.

Why access our Akashic Records?

To obtain guidance through the information we receive from them and thus understand many aspects of our lives such as: Purpose of life, help us to be better human beings, to understand the reason for a problem or situation that afflicts us. Many times the reason for this problem can be found in another life, having to go further back to find out why.

By accessing your Akashic Records you can obtain information, guidance and support on a problem that is “stuck” in this life or perhaps in another, which you can overcome by having a complete vision of the information generated in your lives. You can also get information about the possibilities of future development of your Soul. Accessing them gives us revelation and the necessary tools for our evolution, stimulating us to develop and expand our state of consciousness.

The estimated time of a session is a maximum of 1:30 hours and you need to be well rested, light food without drugs or alcohol 24 hours before, the consultant is asked to prepare their questions as specific as possible (referring to themselves) and write them down with free spaces. between one and the other to write the answers that will be given during the session (minimum 25 questions).

I recommend recording the session to have access to this light information as many times as necessary after the session, since personal time is important to decant it, with the intention that it be truly transformative for the Being.

Value: $90 USD

Time: approximately 1:30 hr – Virtual service

Guidance inquiries

Food and energy consultation, 100% personalized.

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In this space we can discuss your personal needs and the conditions that is making up your life at this moment. The intention of this meeting is to find between both of us, the best options to channel and enhance your strengths, abilities and neutralize your weaknesses, managing them easily through the knowledge that I will generously share with you, together we can build a proposal that will assist you in the process of achieving what you want. Remember that everything starts with you, that is why I offer you my company during every situation that you need to go through in order to achieve what you have proposed, I hope to meet you soon to live the best experience of your existence, Living with Joy and Freedom.

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The Conference is entitled “METANOIA, Your Body tells your Story”.

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The Conference is caller “METANOIA, Your Body tells your Story”

METANOIA: Philosophy for Life

GOAL: beyond

NOIA: mind, spirit

The deep meaning of this word is in the interpretation of life through true knowledge, taking into account that “true” is the knowledge that comes to you through personal experience.

The practice of METANOIA has given me the opportunity to recognize the evident relationship that exists between the manifestations of the body and the interpretations of the mind (SOMATIZATIONS), and these are part of a subtle language, which translates the pristine spiritual purpose of each human being, “Recognize the potential of YOUR OWN LOVING ENERGY”

Listening to this language in my experiences, I have managed in these 35 years of study and analysis of human behavior to “decode” body signals, formalize a compendium of associations and meanings of what each part of the physical body speaks, since this is a kind of “screen” where the retained Interpretations are reflected, (EMOTIONS). The structure of this philosophy is very versatile, as it adapts both to physical training in any discipline or sports category, and to training the cognitive capacity of the mind and spirit; and in the development of simple daily life, with the sole objective of MAINTAINING HEALTH, which translates directly into LONGEVITY with a high quality of Life.

The Conference or Talk is about the direct and evident relationship that the perception we make of our environment with the manifestations of our body has. In other words, what we perceive, as well as what we assume, is reflected in our body, each zone, each structure, organ and system have a meaning, a connection, a direct relationship with what we manifest bodily and this, when understood from its root , can be modified in time before it becomes a disease that degenerates our physical integrity.

In a few words, it is discovering the reasons why our body gets sick and consciously dissolving them from their origin in order to HEAL US BEFORE THE ILLNESS MANIFESTS. And staying healthy permanently, being healthy and happy is always possible with METANOIA.


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