Imporant: This Courses and all their informtaion, is avaiblabe only in Spanish




In this course you will learn to interpret the body’s signals and discover the true reasons for your illness. With this information you will make your Healthcare a Sustainable experience.

In this course you will gain knowledge about:

1.- Corporeal Consciousness

2.- Corporeal language (male/female)

3.- Structure (support/trust/distrust)

4.- Mobility (fear/pleasure)

5.- Nutrition (satisfaction/dissatisfaction)

6.- Debugging (contradiction/acceptance)

What does this course include?
  • 3 hours of video
  • Downloadable Resources
  • lifetime access
  • Access on mobile devices and TV
  • Certificate of completion
Who is it for?

To all public, therapists, physiotherapists, kinezotherapists, specialists and personal trainers, all those who work focused on their body. Even mothers, to recognize the signs of the body, when the child’s language is scarce.


Willingness to Heal permanently and to take charge of a Full and Happy life.



  1. Know the emotional language of the body
  2. Identify the origin of energy memories (where they come from)
  3. Know the relationship of the areas of the body with what is perceived (what memories reside in each part of the body)
  4. Manage movements to activate and release those emotions specifically
  5. Involve the types of breaths to potentiate the Release of emotions
  6. Combine movement to achieve the synchrony of BEING with DOING
  7. Activate the purpose of Life through the COHERENCE of movements with feelings
  8. Be the AUTHOR of your own HEALTH permanently
What does this course include?
  • 3 hours of video
  • 3T Master Class Metatraining
  • lifetime access
  • Access on mobile devices and TV
  • Certificate of completion
Who is it for?

1.For you who are determined to be the author of your own Health

2. Because you have found the information you were looking for to get to know yourself deeply through the knowledge of your own body language

3. In addition, this course is a versatile method that adapts to any type of personality, discipline and emotional situation, making emotions and feelings train through the muscles in a Holistic training of the body, dissipating the energy accumulations trapped and improving muscle quality, strength and cardiac resistance, obtaining additional levels of benefits never before considered in a physical activity proposal, this is another level of training, this is Integral Health, it is for you


1-Be committed to your purpose of TRULY AND PERMANENTLY HEAL

2-Be willing to carry out the movements that are suggested to check their effects on you

3-Get ready to involve the emotions or feelings that are connected during the execution of the movement

4-Arrange a suitable place to practice, with comfortable clothing and hydration




1- To know what the Prana (Vital Energy) of food is

2- To understand what eating is

3- To differentiate between eating and digesting

4- To know the effect of the 5 elements on your body

5- To know the composition, emotional and physical value of the 4 main flavors

6- To discern between flavors and sensations

7- To determine the Biotype to which it belongs, its physical, mental and emotional characteristics

8- To know the schedules and the adequate food plan to balance your Biotype

9- To use knowledge Consciously to Rejuvenate

10- To recognize your sexuality as the most powerful Creative energy we possess


What does this course include?
  • 3 hours of explanatory video divided into 6 Modules of 6 lessons each
    More than 12 downloadable as tables, types of food and values ​​in each biotype
  • Workbook for self-analysis of your own Biotype and personal information to choose your food plan
    Audiobook course summary
  • Lifetime access, viewable on any device
  • Accessible assistance for personalized through my networks @concienciamovimiento
Who is it for?
  • For you, who enjoy food, who love to savor the flavors of each food and who delight in sharing celebrations and special moments around a table with your loved ones.
  • For you, who want to feel free to choose the foods that give you pleasure and be responsible for the consequences of these choices, which will surely benefit you if you have been paying attention to the signals that your body, your mind and your emotions have given you in response.
  • For you, who are tired of repeating the same diets without permanent results and have had to resort to aggressive drugs that make you dependent without definitively curing your condition

1- Willingness to receive new knowledge

2- Opening for the modification of eating habits that only relate the taste to choose foods for Conscious habits and consistent with your Constitution

3- Dare to try the effects of flavors on the body, mind and emotions

4- Willingness to take responsibility for the impact of the body, mind and emotions, food choices

5- Willingness to check this knowledge, to experience the freedom to choose foods correctly, managing to stay in permanent health

6- Prepare to enjoy meals with pleasure and gratitude, being benevolent with your whole Being




1-Recognize the Spirit and Humanity

2-Listen to the Voice of God

3-Understand the Divine Language


5-Know the Vibration of the LOVE Energy

6-Exercise Free Will

7-Always leave an open mind

8-Understand Eternity without concept

9-Being the Way, the Truth and the Life

10-Discover the difference between Chronos and Kairos

11-Use the Power of the Creative Word

12-The meaning of the Absence and the Presence

13-The meaning of Life and Death

What does this course include?

1.The Transcript of 51 CHANNELS, downloadable pdf

2.The recorded audios of the 51 CHANNELS

3.Explanatory Videos of the 51 CHANNELS

4.The Workbook of each of the 51 CHANNELS, downloadable pdf

5.Total of 5 hours of lifetime mentoring

6.Access to this Mentorship from any device

7.Certificate of experience

Who is it for?

1.To every Being who feels the need to find the answers that no one has been able to give about God

2. For you who have the sensitivity that inspires you to know more about who you ARE

3.For those who want to live an intimate and revealing experience with the Divine presence of God

4.For those who want to know the Secrets that God Himself has revealed about Him


1-Have a special space/time, which allows the enjoyment of moments of intimacy with this Information of Light

2-Generate respect for personal time to assimilate this Wisdom

3-Assume honesty and discipline to check the understanding of each Channeling

4-Commit to Feel the meanings that you manage to understand without having to define them mentally

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